Socialcam is the app for this week, about video sharing and editing. Usually I just use the Apple movie editor, and I don’t usually share a lot of videos (just put them in Dropbox or on Youtube/Facebook if I need to share them). This was, therefore, a bit of an experiment. I skipped Vine, because I feel like whatever I may do, I would want more than 6 seconds. But then when I saw how limited Socialcam was, I gave it a go as well. After all, I’m more likely to get questions about Vine, as it is better known.

Socialcam is pretty limited as an editor. You have a few options when you take your video, but that’s the extent of it. No trimming, no editing once you are done. You can change the filter (mostly the usual, but then a cool one that is black and white except for everything Red – reminded me of Sin City), or put it in HDR mode, and…. nope, that’s it. Sharing-wise, you can do the standard three: private, public, or just your friends. It looks like it gets some pretty widespread use – I saw comments in Asian languages, uploads of popular shows (clips from Ellen, NBC Nightly News, etc.). But as someone used to iMovie and Final Cut Pro, Socialcam just doesn’t do it for me – I want way more editing abilities.

Vine, it turns out, is just as limited, though more widely used. It’s much more pushy about connecting to friends and various social networks. It has less trimming options, and no filters, it’s just a straight up 6 seconds, recording whenever your finger is held on the screen. You can take it in chunks, but it won’t let you reorder them. From there, you can share it to whatever social networks you added to your account, give it a location, and that’s it. I’m not surprised that no one has asked questions about it before, it’s not complicated. When you first fire it up, it asks if you want a tour, as well. So I don’t expect any questions about Vine in the future, other than people wondering what it is as a whole.

The gist of this particular post is that I’ll stick to iMovie to make my videos. The ease of upload from the others is not enough incentive, especially since you can do the same from iMovie these days. Being able to add audio tracks and do really complicated cutting and trimming, add transitions and titles… so very worth it.