Thing 15 is about infographics and visualizing data. When I read that, I thought charts and tables and graphs. Imagine my surprise when I Visual Info Touch Lite (or iVi Touch Lite) was more about just text and images. It’s like a slide without it’s compatriots, just a one shot poster with information. Given my predisposition for graphs and tables, I was very surprised to find that I couldn’t even add any of those. Perhaps that’s because it’s the Lite version?

What you can do, however, is create a simple image with a background, basic provided shapes, and text. You can change the size and color of the images, as well as the opaqueness. You can also rotate images and text like in Word, by grabbing the little button at the top of the image. You have the same basic controls for each element you add other than the background, with the handles at the corners and edges for resizing, a trash button to remove unwanted elements, a color palette, and a gradient slider to make things more or less opaque. For text, you also get bold and italics as options. Otherwise you are stuck with the font they give you, and can only resize with the text box handles. The final option that the Lite version gives you is to add graphing paper style lines over the top of the image. Not particularly helpful, unless you are using them as a guide for placement of your elements.

That all said, it does do a great job of whipping up simple posters in quick order. My biggest complaint was actually the difficulty I had in selecting what I wanted, be it a text box handle, trying to move something, or even just clicking in the text entry area at the top. Even with a thin stylus it gave me far more trouble than I’ve ever had with anything. More frustration than I’d like, I’d probably just make a single slide in Haiku Deck instead. There does seem to be unlimited amounts of text boxes and images per graphic, though if I had this much trouble selecting the right thing with only 7 text boxes and two images, I can’t imagine how much of a nightmare it would be if you had even more. And to make it more complicated, you can’t zoom in or out, so have fun with those text boxes.

The only way to save an image in the Lite version is as a picture to your camera roll. Suits me just fine, but a little limited. I’m not positive what the paid version gets you, but I hope there’s a lot more to it. Also, as a bit of added interest, the app was confused about what way was up. Everything was right side up, but when I went to save, the confirmation box appeared upside down. Sure, the iPad was flat at the time, but you’d think it would still pop up the same direction as everything else. Weird.