Whew! I made it! It was getting a little bit close, there, since things got a lot busier around here the last few months. Having completed everything, it’s time to step back and evaluate how it all went. Here are my thoughts on the process!

I think the biggest thing that has changed for me in regards to my ideas about devices and apps is the realization that there really are still a lot of apps that are only for one platform, and the speed with which some apps disappear completely. There were at least three apps that were recommended that were completely gone without a trace by the time I went looking for them. I already knew that there was an app for just about anything you could think of, but I hadn’t realized how many of them are also free. It’s really pretty impressive what you can do with all free apps! My favorite thing was Thing 17 (Community apps), but my favorite new discoveries were CloudOn, ColorSplurge, and Haiku Deck. Most of the Minnesota ones, too! But CloudOn I have used the most, it really is incredibly handy to be able to edit things on the go. I’ve used it to update my lab attendance, work on personal documents from the couch, maintain spreadsheets, and reformat documents. Other than that, the two app search engines, Apps for Free and Quixey, are going to be very useful next time I think “hmmm, it’d be really neat if there were an app for that…”

One of things that really surprised me was sort of an indirect realization. For all the millions of apps out there, with different operating systems and different devices, it’s really pretty astonishing how few of them ever show up in Tech Time with problems. I’ve only had various ebook apps and one problematic Candy Crush app, the rest are just people unfamiliar with their devices and apps trying to figure out how they work. It’s a good thing, too, as there is no way one person could even keep up with what is new out there, let alone what they all do and how to fix them if they are acting up! That said, my general mode of operations is the same for apps as anything else: check the in-app settings, check the overall settings, restart if that seems applicable, reset if necessary, look up problem online.

Overall, I’m glad I did this! It was fun, educational, and got me back online using my blog so it doesn’t feel so lonely and neglected. I would definitely do it again next year, since apps multiply and change like nobodies’ business, so I would learn new things and get to test more apps. As it was, there were more this year that caught my eye that I didn’t get a chance to experiment with or review yet, so there’s always space for more. Thanks to everyone for doing all the backend stuff to get this program off the ground!