Picture of Andrea from 2011

Andrea Lynne Egbert is a graduate of Syracuse University and Carleton College.  She spent two years working as an Academic Technologist with faculty and academic staff to help bring technology into education, and is now a librarian at a public library in Minnesota.  When she isn’t working, she is an avid traveler, bookaholic, artsy outdoorsy type who has way too many crafty hobbies.  She enjoys Minnesota Winters (even the super cold ones like this year), loves baking, is a tea snob, and wishes her husband wasn’t allergic to cats.

Andrea is interested in a number of different aspects of librarianship.  She is most interested in youth librarianship, but is also a big fan of technology.  She currently works in circulation, with a twice-weekly stint as the tech guru in her library’s lab.

Want to know more? Andrea has a electronic portfolio at http://AndreaLynneEgbert.com.