After spending two days at the Niagara Falls NYLA conference, I had a few interesting thoughts and realizations.  The vendors in the exhibit hall showed a lot of different aspects involved in librarianship.  There is a lot more to running a library than most people think about.  Things like insurance for the books, the building, the technology inside.  Having to move the library and its holdings.  Finding cases for cds and dvds that can stand up to heavy wear and tear. Getting the right kind of furniture.  Setting up stations to make reading easier for those with vision problems.  Finding databases to aid members in learning a second language.

Has the librarian stereotype that people have extended to hide the practical side of library management?  Or have librarians just done such a great job of doing these administrative things that no one really thinks about them?  Either way, it’s enough to make me feel sure that I will ask people about it and to take classes on management and other administrative aspects of librarianship.