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Dear Baltimore,

I realize we don’t talk much, but I had to speak up when I saw what happened last week.  Really, that was unnecessary.  Hasn’t anyone taught you about the perils of too much snow in too short a time?

Snow in moderation is fine, and some would even say a little is good for you.  With moderation, you don’t need to take any painkillers, you don’t need to worry as much about steadiness while walking down the street, and you don’t have to miss as much work, but you can still play your silly snow games. It’s so much easier and less painful to just have a little at a time.  Having a little sun in between your snow storms doesn’t really take away any of the fun side effects, and it sure helps the next day.

Worse, that binge was really mean to the rest of us.  Now there isn’t enough snow to go around.  Look at Vancouver!  All they want to do is celebrate the Winter Olympics.  How are they supposed to do that, now that there is a snow shortage?

Next time, just try to keep things under control, ok?


Gal from Up North

Well, I finally decided I had outgrown the limited bounds (and ridiculously overpopulated) LiveJournal. So, a Fresh Start is in order. I consider my LJ to be my College Journal, or my Travel Journal (since, let’s face it, I really only posted to my journal when I was abroad).

I’ll be using this, hopefully, more frequently than my old blog, and to document what I’m up to in my new world of jobs and rent and the Real World.

And now I’m done with excessive capitalization – really, I swear.

Cheers, folks!